A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 3rd of April, 2011
“Even as you Have you have sung”, saith the Spirit “Hallowed be Your name, even now do I hallow My name in the earth, I hallow My name in the hearts of men, I hallow My name in the heavens and I hallow My name upon the seas. For this is My day”, saith the Lord. “Yes! This is My hour in which I will be reverenced, feared and hallowed in all the earth”.

“For I rise now in My holy temple, and I rise with My glory, and I rise with My majesty, and I rise with My love, and I rise with My wisdom, and I rise with My power, and I rise, I rise,” saith the Lord. “And men shall hallow My name and all the earth shall be silent. And they shall be still, for they shall see My hand made bare, My holy hand made bare unto all nations. For My glory will be revealed and all men shall see it together, and they will begin to reverence, and they will begin to hallow My name. For men will talk in hushes and in a low whisper when they speak of the God of Israel, when they speak of the mighty God of Jacob. When they speak of the God of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, it will be with reverence, it will be with fear. They will whisper, for all the earth shall be silent when they hear of My name.”

“For the glory that I will show forth will surpass the glory I showed forth in the Egypt. Even as Pharaoh and all his men were afraid and I was hallowed in their presence, even so now shall I be hallowed in all the earth, not in Egypt alone. Yea! Starting from beyond the rivers of Ethiopia here, the reverence of My name shall go forth to all the earth. And men shall fear My glory from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same.”

“Yes! As you have sung, even so will I do. My name shall be hallowed and My name shall be reverenced. And I say unto thee, hallow thyself unto Me. Sanctify thyself, set thyself apart, that when I hallow My name in the earth, you also will be hallowed in My name. For you will be glorified in My name, and My name will be glorified in you. And as men reverence  Me, they will reverence you,  and as men fear Me, they will fear you, for I will be in you, for I will not allow your words to fall  down to ground. My glory, My power, My wisdom, My  love, My justice, My judgement will be manifest through you and men will fear. Hallowed! Hallowed! Hallowed will be My name in all the earth, even now” saith the Lord.


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