Hide Yourself
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson (11/05/05)

The Word of the Lord comes to me saying hide yourself saith the Spirit



Yea hide yourself from the scourge of tongues and hide yourself from the wickedness of men and hide yourself from the tongues of the slight, hide yourself from the lust of the flesh, hide yourself from the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.



Yea saith the Spirit, hide yourself in My Love, hide yourself in My Word, hide yourself in My Spirit and I will be a shield round about you, and I will protect you, and I will be your refuge, and I will be your shield, and I will be your buckler, and the wicked one will not be able to touch you.



And so hide yourself in My armour, and put on daily the armour of love, and put on daily the armour of My Word, and take to yourself the sword of the Spirit. That as you hide yourself in Me, and as you live in My presence, and as you walk with Me, My glory will encompass you round about and it shall also be your rear guard and even your re-reward.


And from the North and from the South, from the East and from the West, and from the top and from the bottom, the enemy would try but he will not penetrate. So hide yourself in Me.


For many try to hide themselves in the things of the earth, but these things do not profit Yea, immerse yourself in Me, immerse yourself in the word, immerse yourself in My word and I will protect you from all. Saith the Lord


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