A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 20th Feb, 2011

“Indeed”, saith the Spirit, “I am waiting I am always waiting on you, when you come to the place of prayer upon your knees: waiting to help, waiting to counsel, waiting to heal, waiting to deliver, waiting to encourage, waiting to strengthen.”

“Yes!” saith the Spirit, “Draw nigh! Draw nigh! Yes! nearer than you have ever been before and you will see more and more of My face; you will see more and more of My grace, you will see more and more of My light, you will see more and more of My wisdom, you will see more and more of My strength, My healing and delivering power, My power to supply, My power to meet every need.”

“Yes! Let it not end here”, saith the Lord, “that you come to Me upon your knees, but let it be what you do day and night ,moment by moment, hour by hour. And as you seek Me, you will always find Me there waiting; waiting to help, waiting to strengthen. And I am the strength of your life and I will take you through the turmoils of this life and I will raise you up above the floods of the world and I will strengthen and I will enable you and cause you to be victorious above and over everything that comes your way. For I am your God, I am there waiting. Come! Come! Come closer! Draw hither, come up hither and draw nigh, and you will find Me here waiting”, saith the Spirit.


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