A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 12th Dec, 2010

“I give you My peace,” saith the Lord, “not as the world giveth it. For in the world, even in this day and time of gross darkness, there is turmoil and there is tribulation. But in Me,”saith the Lord, “you have peace, you have peace, Yea! You have peace!”

“Keep your eye upon Me. Keep your heart stayed on Me and I will keep you in that perfect peace. Look not at the things that are happening, but look to Me. Yes! Look to My word. Yes! Look to My faithfulness. Yes! Look to the heavens. Yes! Look to the earth; look and see the work of My hands.Yea! See My faithfulness in creation, see My faithfulness in you, see My faithfulness in your heart, see My faithfulness in your land. Yes! Look to Me and I will keep you in perfect peace, in the time of turmoil, in the time of tribulation, in the time of darkness.”

“For this is the time for you to celebrate My faithfulness, this is the time for you to celebrate My peace; for in Me you will have peace. While the world has tribulation, while the world has worry, while the world has anxiety, while the world has fear, you will have peace.” “Peace! Peace! Because I am a faithful God,” saith the Lord.


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