“Separate Not Yourself”
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 3rd March, 2010

The Word of the Lord has just come to me. “Separate not yourself from your oversight. Go and inquire, is any sick among you? sick physically, sick emotionally, sick psychologically? Let him call for the elders, and they shall come and pray over him the prayer of faith, and the sick will be healed. And if you have any fault, confess one to another that you may be healed. Separate not yourself from the love of God. Separate not yourself from your oversight, go and inquire.”

“For had John the Baptist gone to inquire, had he gone to Jesus to inquire of that which the Holy Ghost was doing, he would have stayed in the place of security, he would have stayed in the place of safety, he would have stayed in the place of covering, he would have stayed in the place of protection, he would have stayed in the place of destiny and he would have fulfilled all that I had in My heart for him. To that which was spoken by the prophet, even his father, that, ‘Thou child shall be called the prophet of most High and you will go in the spirit and power of Elijah,’ would have been fulfilled in him.”

“Separate not yourself,” saith the Spirit, “distance not yourself from your oversight. For they have been given charge to have watch over your souls as them that will give account. So, come that you may profit spiritually, that you may receive counsel, that you may receive light, that you may receive life, that you may receive strength, that you may receive instruction, for she is thy life.”

“Yes!” saith the Spirit again, “separate not yourself.”


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