A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 23rd Jan., 2011

“For I have not asked you” saith the Lord, “to do what I do not do Myself. I have not asked you to be humble where I am not humble. I have not asked you to submit where I have not submitted. I have not asked you to serve where I have not served,”saith the Spirit.

“Therefore, draw nigh unto Me. Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me,”saith the Lord. “For I am meek and lowly in heart, be also meek and lowly in heart. Be not like the heathen, be not like the world, who glory in the pride of life. For they measure themselves among themselves because they are not wise. But partake of My wisdom,” saith the Spirit, “and let Me be your standard. Let Me be your pattern. Let Me be your role model. Let Me be your icon. Follow Me and I will lead you in the path of life, the path of light, for true greatness is only found in Me,” saith the Lord. “For the more you become like Me, the greater you truly are. The more of My character, of My lovingkindness, justice, righteousness, faithfulness and patience that you have, the greater you truly are becoming, for those who desire to be great,” saith the Lord.

“I call you hither today. Come up here, come and learn of the true greatness that is in humility, that is in service, that is in submission. For as I have said in My word; hear it again; The servant is the greatest,” saith the Spirit.


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