A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 11th September, 2011

“For men have not seen what true living is. For those who do not worship Me, who do not live in and for Me do not know what it really means to live. But this is the day in which I will show forth what it really means to live. I will show forth the excellencies of My wisdom, the beauty of My holiness, the soundness of My health, the intimateness of My prosperity in and through those who live to worship Me.”

“For worship is not just a song,”saith the Spirit, “worship is a life of those that worship in Spirit and in Truth, that present their bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto Me, that I might indwell that body, that I might think through that mind, that I might see through those eyes, that I might touch through those hands.”

“Yes”! saith the Spirit, “as you worship in Spirit and in truth, in thoughts, in words, in deeds, you will live the life that I came to give, life more abundantly, and you will express, and you will show forth the excellencies of My portion, the greatness of My power and the wonders of My wisdom.”

“Live,” saith the Spirit, “to worship Me!”



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