A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 14th July, 2013

“Indeed,” saith the Spirit: I am a faithful God; but is it not written: ‘Be ye holy even as I am holy?’. Therefore, I charge you,” saith the Spirit, “Become faithful as I am faithful. For you sing to Me that I am faithful and indeed I am. But I will have you to imbibe that same character, and I will have you to be faithful like your father Abraham was faithful, like your father David was faithful, like the Lord Jesus was faithful, like Paul was faithful unto the end.”

“I charge you,” saith the Spirit, “Be faithful even as I am faithful. Be faithful to My word. Be faithful to your commitment, be faithful to your consecrations, be faithful to your dedications. Yea!” saith the Spirit, “It is required in steward that a man be found faithful”. Be faithful even as I am faithful and then you will come to see the blessings of faithfulness. For is not written that ‘A faithful man shall abound with blessings?’ For there is much, yea!” saith the Spirit, “much I still will do in the earth that has never been done; much that has never been seen, much that has never been even fathomed, that has never even entered into the hearts of men. As it is written ear has not heard, neither have eyes seen that which I will do; but it will be to the faithful.”

“Be faithful even as I am faithful,” saith the Lord.


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