Be Ready and Crown Me

Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 6th of August, 2006

Be ready, be ready, for you know not what hour, you know not what day; you know not what time that I come. For I come suddenly, for all the things are prepared, saith the Spirit. All things are ready and the day of My appearance in the fullness of My glory, not as it has been in times past, where I have shown Myself here a little and there a little but I shall show Myself in the fullness of My glory; for I shall arise in a militant and a great and a mighty church.

Therefore, be ready, watch and pray always that you may be accounted worthy to be a partaker of this glory and not to be a recipient of the vengeance, be a partaker of this glory and not to be a recipient of the vengeance; for I come simultaneously in glory and vengeance.

Therefore, this is the time, saith the Spirit, for you to arise to heed to those things which you have been taught. Turn not from it to the right nor to the left, but take heed unto yourself and also take heed unto the doctrine, take heed unto yourself and also take heed unto the doctrine; for as you do this and as you perfect, as you develop that walking in love, even My glory will be made manifest unto you, My will shall be made plain unto you. I will speak in your ear, this is the way walk in it, and you will see things before they happen, for I will show you things to come so you will not stumble but you will walk in the way I have prepared for you. For the place that I have prepared, the place of glory where I am there shall My servants be also. I have prepared for you, a place of glory. Therefore, be ready, saith the Spirit.

…crown Me as Lord in your daily life, crown Me over your mind, crown Me over your will, crown Me over your emotions, crown Me over your flesh and then truly, saith the Spirit, you will crown Me Lord of all. Therefore, I will have thee walk in the Spirit and walk by the Blood, by the Word and by the power of the Spirit, even the power that I have given unto you to perfect My love in your life.

I have not left you as orphans; I have not left you alone but I have given you My word, I have given you My blood, I have given you My Spirit that truly you may crown Christ as Lord of all in all of your life saith the Spirit.


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