Comfort unto the Church and the Nation

Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 8th of November 2005

I hear the word of the Lord come to me saying, speak comfort unto these people even unto this nation. Speak comfort unto My people even the Zion church in this land of Nigeria, from beyond the rivers of Ethiopia . For unto the righteous shall light arise out of darkness.


Be not disturbed, neither be troubled in your mind of the things that have happened, even the things that are happening and will yet happen. For I am in control saith the Spirit of God. Yea, for I move over this nation and I am the God that causes all things to work together for the good of them that love Me, even those that are seeking Me diligently. For you are the light of the world and you are the salt of earth. Yea, you are the light of this nation and you are the salt of this nation. And because you are here, you will preserve the land and because you are here, you will be the light that will shine in the darkness and the darkness will not be able to overcome or to extinguish this light.


For even in this hour and in this time, I am set to arise, to arise in My glory, to arise in My power, to arise in My wisdom, to arise in My righteousness, even through you in this land and you shall be a beacon of light, you shall be preservatives; even salt unto the people of this nation. And they shall see My light that is risen upon thee and they shall come to the brightness of your rising and so shall the nation be saved and so shall the nation be preserved.


Therefore, I say unto thee, comfort, comfort, comfort, even unto you and to this nation because you are here it is well with the land and even that which I have purposed and that which I have determined, My will and My counsel is being worked out even now, even now as I speak.


Therefore, do not look only on the things you can see, but look beyond that which you can see and look to the promise of My word, even that which I have purposed long ago for this land – from beyond the rivers of Ethiopia to fulfill My will, to fulfill My purpose, to raise up in this place a people tall and smooth of skin that will bring forth My glory and will show forth My presence, and My power, even in this generation.


Therefore, My plans are on course, My will and My purpose is being done. So I speak comfort unto you. Be strong and of good courage, let not your hand be slack in battle, let not your hand be slack in the walk of love. Let not your hand be slack in the word, but continue and increase, even more and more and abound more and more in the love walk, in the walk in My word and all I have spoken, and all I have decreed, and all that I have declared will be wrought and will be accomplished in and through you in this land, saith the Lord


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