A Prophecy given on the 3rd of November, 2013

“It is getting darker and darker in the world and even in the great portions of the church.

That is why you need daily to move to the light, and to do it regularly, frequently. For when you gather together there is light; for the entrance of My word giveth light, and the light will dispel the darkness, and the darkness will not be able to comprehend it. But if you stay away from the gathering of yourselves together, if you refuse to incline your ear unto My sayings and you stop attending to My words, then the darkness from outside will beginning to creep in to your heart, and creep in to your circumstances.”

“Therefore, take heed,” saith the Spirit, “to yourself and to the doctrine, as it is written. Yes! Stay in the light; the light of My word, the light of your gathering together. Let that light continually flow and shine into your heart; to keep you from the gross darkness that is currently enveloping the world,”saith the Spirit.


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