A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 21st of August, 2013

“For they that humble themselves,” saith the Lord “shall be exalted. I come,” saith the Lord, “I come with My power, I come with My glory, I come with My honour, and for those who have humbled themselves under My mighty hand, even them will I exalt in this day and in this hour. Yes! I will exalt them and let them sit at My right hand for all the earth to see. For as it is written, the earth shall be filled with My glory as the waters cover the sea and all flesh shall see it together. Humble yourself,” saith the Spirit. “Humble yourself by doing My will. Humble yourself by doing My word. Humble yourself in prayer. Humble yourself in fasting. Do not thy own will but do Mine. And if you humble yourself I will exalt you in due season. Yes! My glory will rest upon you, My wisdom will rest upon you, My power will rest upon you, My light will rest upon you, My riches will rest upon you and all the earth will come to see that which I have put in you. Even as Solomon’s temple of old was to be magnifical, and was to be the desire of all nations, so even now My Church that I will deck with My power, that I will deck with My wisdom, that I will deck with My riches, that I will deck with My glory shall be exceedingly magnifical! And all nations shall come to see that which I have done in Zion. Yea! Those who humble themselves will be exalted now,” saith the Spirit.


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