A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi on 6th of March, 2014

“But what does the Lord require of thee, o man but to walk humbly before thy God? For thus saith the Spirit, “They that walk before Me with an honest and a humble  heart even, in this day and in this hour, shall be exalted to sit on My throne. For is it not written that if you humble yourself you will be exalted?”

“Yea! Maintain, and I say again, maintain a meek and a lowly Spirit and My light, My life, My revelation will continually flow in your heart.  And you will come to have My mind, and you will understand My thoughts; for My thoughts will become your thoughts and therefore My ways will become your ways. And men will see you, and in seeing you, they will see Me in you. For I will be manifested in My wisdom, I will be manifested in My power, I will be manifested in My love, and I will be manifested in My glory. But the key,” saith the Spirit, “is to walk humbly before thy God,” saith the Lord


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