A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 18th of November, 2015

“For you are not in darkness that that day should overtake you as a thief,”saith the Lord. “As you walk in the light even as I AM in the light, as you watch and pray always, then you will be ready; ready for the manifestation of My glory, ready for the manifestation of My wisdom. For it will be the combination,” saith the Lord, “of My wisdom and My power that will bring the earth, and the world and the heathen and the nations to their knees! Yes, and put to silence the ignorance of foolish men forever.”

“For I will show forth wisdom that has never been seen, yes, even the manifold wisdom of God. And I will demonstrate power that has never been seen on the earth even up till now. For that which you have read in the time of Moses, and that which you have read in the time of Elijah, and that which you have read  even in the time of the Lord Jesus, and that which you have read in the time of Paul, will all come together as one! And  I will show forth My power and I will show forth My wisdom in every area of human endeavor; I will show forth through My word. I will bring forth wisdom in the scientific, in the economic realm, in the business realm, in the musical realm, in the entertainment industry! It will come forth shining as light and it will dispel, it will dispel the current gross darkness that covers the nations! And as it is written, I  will remove the shroud and the sheet of darkness that is covering the nations and they will come unto this mountain of Mount-Zion, and they will come to learn of Me, and from  My law and from My word they will see the solutions to the different challenges and the problems they have.”

“Yes! This is the hour of the unveiling! This is the hour of the manifestation! And I will raise My Joseph’s in this hour and they will bring to the earth today an answer of peace.”


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